Babies: optional

Reflecting on Ian McKellen’s recent commentsย about being too selfish to have children: Choosing not to RAISE a child that’s been born would be selfish…. choosing not to HAVE a child is neither selfish nor selfless. A not-yet-conceived baby doesn’t exist. You owe them nothing. You also do not owe the planet, the species, the nation, your religion or your family, despite what any of them may say. Young women, this is especially important for you to remember: don’t be bullied by people who say that one day you’ll change your mind. Plenty of people live full and happy lives without children. You do not owe the world a baby.

One More Time with Feeling

‘One More Time With Feeling’ – the documentary about the making of Nick Cave’s new album, Skeleton Tree …is rather extraordinary. It’s not perfectly paced, or structured, but as the film reminds us, neither is life. It IS exquisitely filmed in (mostly) black and white, and the unexpected, yet skilful use of 3D provides some surprisingly intimate moments.

There are laughs, but ultimately you’re watching a talented group of people assemble what was already a melancholy album in the wake of unanticipated tragedy.

As consumers of creative work, we are often selfishly curious about their creation. We want to know everything: where it was made, by whom, and where… and why. This film gives you everything, right down to the dust on the piano. Every button, switch, light and cable gets a feature.

Then it gives you more. It gives you the uncertainty, the frustration, the lost pens, the awkward conversations and the heartbreaking silences. At times it gives you more than you you feel you have any right to see… and yet, somehow, it feels like the best response to such a generous exposure is not to say “I’m sorry” but “thank you”.

Go and see it if you’re a fan of music, or cinema, or stories, or darkness, or light.