Mind your manners, they might have evolved….

I stumbled on this rather succinct article the other day and while I don’t agree with all of the points – I certainly agree that there are ‘new manners’ that have emerged alongside recent developments in digital communication (think WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime etc.)

In recent years, I have found myself trying to explain to people (often older people, but not always) that new methods of communication don’t erase good manners, they simply change them.

Printed letters, telephones, the internet… new technology necessarily prompts us to examine and reconsider how we interact with each other.

Adamantly refusing to adapt one’s behavior, under claims of being “a bit old fashioned”, is neither charming nor considerate.

Yes, it can be confusing and yes, changes sometimes happen very quickly, but the goal is always to encourage and maintain respect, comfort and kindness.

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